Here are some of my favorite comedy shorts I’ve written, directed, produced and edited.

SAY NO TO DISCO (9 mins. 59 sec.)

The Spotlight Horror Film Awards selected SAY NO TO DISCO as one of their top independent horror films of the year, awarding it with their “Bronze Award”! I’m so proud of this micro-budget comedy-horror short film I shot in my apartment living room.

When the ghosts of electrocuted disco dancers return to haunt an apartment, the landlord instructs his tenant to simply avoid the outlet – or else!

Loved shooting this. Had so much fun with my great cast.



MYSTERY WEIGHT (2 mins. 40 sec.)

MYSTERY WEIGHT won “Best Microshort” at The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival and “Super Short Runner Up” at the All Sports LA Film Festival, which was voted “One of the 20 Coolest Film Festivals of 2011 & 2013” by MovieMaker Magazine!

MYSTERY WEIGHT has been an official selection of many film festivals, including the 10-day Awareness Festival held at LA Live (where the Emmys and Grammys are held!) and The Miami Independent Film Festival.

This short is a bit of social commentary.  After a surprising number on his bathroom scale, a guy sets out to lose weight.  Unfortunately,  despite his efforts, he’s gaining. Starring the hilarious Aral Gribble (who was recently in a movie with William H. Macy)!


DADDY ISSUES (4 mins. 3 sec.)

Ever wondered if some therapists have more issues than their patients?

BOTTOM PRICE HOTEL ROOMS (2 mins. 16 sec.)

This is my first film.  I shot it on an iPhone 5.  It’s a gross-out commercial parody starring three actors I met in a Groundlings’ sketch class.  If you can’t relate, you haven’t stayed in a crappy hotel room!  Get out more and live a little, will ya?